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White Knight Order (白騎士機関(オーダー) Shiro Kishi Kikan, lit. "White Knight Organization") also known as the Order is a group composed of saviors who gathers to combat the Metaphysical.


Soon after the arrival of both the Saviors and Metaphysicals, the White Knight Order was created as a means to locate those with memories/powers of their past lives, as well as to train them to combat the metaphysicals who continued to attack Earth. The Headquarters of the White Knight Order is located in the United Kingdom with six different branches located in Japan, Russia, Franch, China, and the United States.

The Six Heads[]

All of the Branches are each being led by the Head Six (六頭領(ろく とうりょう) Roku Tōryō, lit. "Six Heads"), which consists of six S-Rank Saviors:


  • Lu Zhixin was believed to have been the Head of the China Branch, but he is the Right-Hand of the Chinese Branch Leader.