White Iron (白鉄, Shirogane) is among the two possible powers of Saviors.

Description Edit

White Iron are Light Techniques utilized by the Warriors among Saviors, which revolves around the manipulation of prana, their life force letting them perform superhuman feats. Whenever a Warriors attempt to unlock their own prana, there are various gates referred to as Seven Prana Gates, which exists in their: Left and Right Hand, Left and Right Leg, Solar Plexus, Heart, and Brow. Alongside their Light Techniques, Warriors also wields their own ID Tag, an object that lets them manifest the weapons wielded in their past lives.

As opposed to Black Magic, a combat style better suited to "Mage" Class Saviors, White Iron are associated with the "Warrior" Class Saviors.

Trivia Edit

  • Mohora has shown to be able to tell a person's personality based on their prana.
  • The color of a person's prana varies from person to person:
    • Moroha Haimura/Kensei Fraga has white prana described as being as brilliant as the sun.
    • Satsuki Ranjou has golden prana described as having majestic and holy light
    • Gen Isurugi has ominous blood red prana.
    • Sir Edward Lampard has vivid purple prana, reminiscent of amethysts; which is described as having a pure, deep, noble light.
    • Angela Johnson has emerald green prana.
    • Haruka Momochi has beautiful azure blue prana like the sky, which is described as being endless and perfectly clear.
    • Jin Isurugi has whitish-yellow prana that resembles thunder.
    • Uisuke Taketsuru has dark amber prana almost like a heat haze.
    • Elena Arshavina has dark sinister purple prana mixed with indigo blue.
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