Vasilisa Yuryevna Mostovaya (ヴァシリーサ・ユーリエヴナ・モストヴァヤ Vashirīsa Yūriebuna Mosutovaya) is a Russian Savior and one of the Six S-Ranked Saviors in the world. She is also one of the antagonists of the series.

Appearance Edit

Vasilisa is a young woman who appears in her 20's with long blonde hair, a seductive face and well-endowed figure.

She also wears an exotic dress which reveals most of her cleavage and she is often seen wielding a folding fan anywhere she goes.

Personality Edit

As a proud member of the S-Ranked Savior, Vasilisa is a ruthless, haughty, and proud woman who rules the Russian Branch of the Saviors with an iron fist. Because of her belief that fear brings control, she has a tendency to belittle anyone whom she deemed inferior, particularly Moroha, whom she antagonized as a nuisance, despite his capability to slay a high level Metaphysical. Additionally, because of her pride, she cannot tolerate her subject's betrayal or failures and as the consequence for doing so, she would execute them by summoning a lightning strike.

She is not without fear as after being confronted by Moroha who showed off his great power, Vasilisa was awestruck at Moroha's abilities even showing a fear of him that resulted in her begging for her life, which is a contrast to her confident and prideful nature. Once an angered Moroha forced her to give up her rank as savior and release those she had enslaved, she readily complied. She even broke down in tears after he left her in shame.

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  • She was born on October 8th.