Tokiko Kanzaki (神崎 斎子 Kanzaki Tokiko) is one of the students of Akane Academy and a Vice Captain of Akane Academy's Striker Unit.


Tokiko wears round glasses and has long blue hair in a ponytail. She is relatively tall in comparison to other members of the Saviors and has an extremely well-endowed figure, which she often uses to sexually harasses her peers, namely Moroha.


Being the Vice Captain of the Striker Unit, Tokiko is a bold and brave girl who is willing to defend her fellow Striker Unit members. Despite her position, she is notorious for being a brash pervert who likes to check out anyone's body assets regardless of gender and is often punished by her Captain for this reason.

Nevertheless, in spite of her perverted personality, she appears to be greatly responsible and caring of her unit members and has great leadership skills, as evident during their battle with a metaphysical (episode 5).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Little is known about her abilities, other than the fact that she is a Kuroma who uses the dark art "Incinerator." As she is the Vice Captain of the Striker Unit Team, it is safe to assume that she is likely the second strongest member and has a lot experiences in battle.



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