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The sixth volume of Seiken Tsukai no World Break released on February 15, 2014.



熾烈なる『組織』対『組織』の総火力戦、勃発! そして完全覚醒サラティガの真価とは――!?


ヨーロッパ経済界の大物、ランクSの黒魔――二つの顔をもつ男シャルルから突如スカウトされた諸葉。 もちろん諸葉はすぐに辞退。 だが、シャルルは不可解な執着をみせる。 古えより連なりし本物の魔術結社《太陽の揺籠》のゴーレム使いたちを動員、 諸葉本人ではなく実戦部隊を襲わせたのだ。 追い詰められる少年少女たち。 しかし、限界を超えた死闘は彼らを新たな段階へと導く――。

組織対組織の総火力戦! 謎めくシャルルの真意。 そして完全覚醒サラティガを手にした、諸葉の剣聖技とは?


Akane Academy Strikers VS France Magic Corps!!

A fierce all-out battle outbreak between the "Organisations"! And what is the true worth of awakened Salatiga――?!

"If you are worth ten billion, it's a cheap price to pay."

Moroha was suddenly scouted by a big-shot from the European business community, Black Magic Rank S――the two-faced man called Charles. Naturally, Moroha promptly declined the offer. However, Charles displayed an unnatural obsession.

He mobilized the actual Magic Association that existed since antiquity called the "Cradle of the Sun", and instead of attacking Moroha himself, they attacked the Strikers. They were driven to a corner. However, the death struggle that exceeded their limits made them advance towards the new level――

"Organisation" vs "Organisation"! The true intentions of mysterious Charles. Also, Moroha's Swordsmanship skills with the awakened Salatiga in hand!

The sixth volume of Academic Sword and Sorcery, transforming the eternal bonds into a blade and throwing the challenge to the Magician group of Hyakki Yakou!!


  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1 - The Sight of Strikers
  • Chapter 2 - Bothersome Man
  • Chapter 3 - The State of the Modern Magic Association
  • Chapter 4 - «Les Éléments»
  • Chapter 5 - Saint-Germain of Paris
  • Chapter 6 - Their Death Struggle (Former)
  • Chapter 7 - Their Death Struggle (Latter)
  • Chapter 8 - This Sword and Soul, Forever Devoted to You
  • Afterwords


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