The fifth volume of Seiken Tsukai no World Break (聖剣使いの禁呪詠唱(ワールドブレイク) Seiken Tsukai no Kinju Eishō (Wārudo Bureiku)?, lit. Prohibited Curse Chant (World Break) of the Holy Sword) was released on November 15, 2013.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Historic great clash of the "Forbidden Spell" VS "Forbidden Spell"!!

"Challenge to the World's most sinister mana holder, the <Lightning Empress> Vasilisa!"

Russian Branch War arc, the war outbreak.

"This is my war."

In order to save Leshya, the girl whose fate was toyed, from Russian branch, Moroha departed from Japan alone, and launch an attack towards the large empire.

His target being the Rank S forbidden spell user <Lightning Empress> Vasilisa. However, the Russian warriors who are said to be the worst of the worst stand before Moroha! Merciless battles upon merciless battles. Special moves jumbled onto each other. Using all the power he holds, Moroha continues to advance!! And then, the battle heads to the land of decisive battle, to "Yekaterinburg"――

The historic great clash of "Forbidden Spells" battling against each other! The silent anger devours the heavens and even changes the world's shape.

Proceeding towards the dangerous Russia along with a beautiful guide, the fifth volume of Academic Sword and Sorcery erupting with battle catharsis!![1]


  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1 - Agent - AJ
  • Chapter 2 - Sparking the War
  • Chapter 3 - Haimura Moroha's Way of War
  • Chapter 4 - Traveling to Siberia
  • Chapter 5 - Eight Vs. One
  • Chapter 6 - The Omen of Destruction
  • Chapter 7 - Decisive Battle - Yekaterinburg
  • Epilogue
  • Afterwords