Saviors (救世主 Kyūseishu, lit. "Messiahs") are people who have lived in previous lives, which are people able to defeat Metaphysicals.

Background[edit | edit source]

Saviors are people who have lived in previous lives are various kinds of heroes, kings, warriors, magic users, etc. who were then reincarnated into the modern era. All saviors have an indomitable spirit able to withstand the eons of time that it took for them to finally be reincarnated in the world. These people inherit both the powers, in which originates from their previous lives ranging from White Iron or Black Magic alongside the unique weapons, which most of them used in battle.

Ancient Dragon[edit | edit source]

Since the appearance of saviors, unique people who were reincarnated into the current era, it was later theorized that it might even be possible for a savior who reincarnated twice, then appeared in their third one retaining their memories and powers from both past lives. In such a situation, then that person would have an indestructible will and powerful soul that a normal human container wouldn't be able to endure, which would result in such a savior being the Ancient Dragon (最も古き英霊 Mottomo Furuki Eirei, lit. "The Eldest Heroic Spirit").

However, this was left as nothing but an unfounded theorization until the enrollment of Moroha Haimura in Akane Academy, who has memories from his time as Kensei Flaga and Shu Saura.

Known Saviors[edit | edit source]

There are various ranks for Saviors, which ranges:

Rank D (Disciples), which is given to those who've just entered a school like Akane Academy.
Rank C (Common), which is given to those who graduated and enters the White Knight Order.
Rank B (Breaker), which is given to the elite ranked students or saviors.
Rank A (Ace), which is given to one of the top saviors.
Rank S (Special), which is given to those unique saviors with powers and abilities that are far above normal ones even Rank A ones able to defeat metaphysicals often regarded as being Genuine Messiahs.
Rank SS (Savior of Saviors), which is a given to those saviors who're above that of even the Rank S Saviors.

Rank SS[edit | edit source]

Saviors classified as being Rank SS are Saviors above that of even the Rank S hailed as being the most powerful of Saviors. These are Saviors not counted among the six previous Rank S and are a separate class of their own.

Rank S[edit | edit source]

Saviors classified as being Rank S are the highest and most powerful among them others, their numbers being just six, which are the Six Heads who run the Six Branches among the White Knight Order. Moroha Haimura is the unofficial seventh member and it will be official as soon as he graduates.

Rank A[edit | edit source]

Rank B[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Saviors who awakened earlier than others aren't allowed to attend normal school much like Maya due to their powers.
  • There are a rare number of Saviors whose powers cannot be classified as being among either the usual White Iron or Black Magic. The first instance being Andou Suruga whose an SS Rank Savior.
  • The rankings of Saviors are granted based on their effectiveness against metaphysicals, which was the reason why Elena Arshavina despite being able to wound Sir Edward Lampard using her Magic Sword Leprazam, it wouldn't be effective against metaphysical and could be classed as Rank C.
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