Metaphysical (異端者(メタフィジカル) Itan-sha, lit. "Heretics") are supernatural entities and the main antagonists of the series.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Arch Fiend Class

Metaphysical are mysterious beings that appeared around the exact same time as the Saviors who exists for the sole purpose of harming humans described as not belonging nowhere on Earth and/or any other natural environment. After the founding of the White Knight Order, the United Nations decided to keep their all existence wouldn't be released to the public, leaving their existence as just mere rumor from those who had firsthand experience in seeing them. It is stated that metaphysicals are composed of Satana (魔力 Maryoku, lit. "Magical Power") meaning it would take someone of either equal and/or even greater power to be able to damage the strongest of the metaphysicals.

Classification[edit | edit source]

All metaphysicals are put in different classes based on their size and threat.

Dreadnought[edit | edit source]

A real demon that seemed to laugh at the concept, understanding and so forth that it was a Metaphysical stronger than normal ones.

–The description of a Dreadnought

The Dreadnought (弩級(ドレッドノート) Ishiyumi-kyū, lit. "Dreadnought Class") are around 10-meters in size and vary, with even the strongest of them being impossible to defeat without an S-Class Saviors or a group of A-Ranks Saviors.

Fortress[edit | edit source]

The Fortress (要塞級(フォートレス) Yōsai-kyū, lit. "Fortress Class") are around 30-meters with the largest of them being 300-meters, having various characteristics such as hybrid features and multi-headed ones. Befitting their namesake as the Fortress, there are some that are able to generate things such as insects from their bodies depending on their species.

Arch Fiend[edit | edit source]

It was a metaphysical with a shape similar to that of a person and the same dimensions of a person. Later on, this one, the first one, would be named by the White Knight Organization as «Arch Fiend»

–The description of the Arch Fiend

The Arch Fiend (魔神級(アーチ・フィーンド) Majin-kyū, lit. "Devil Class") is a group of metaphysicals made by using the souls of Saviors with their size and shape being around the same as humans, but their appearance is still monstrous. All their firepower and speed are higher than those of normal metaphysicals with both high self-healing and special powers. Since the souls of Saviors are being used, the strength of the Arch Fiend is dependent on them meaning even if their regenerative abilities are high, their strength wouldn't be that much higher.

Black Knight[edit | edit source]

The Black Knight (騎士級(ブラック・ナイト) Kishi-kyū, lit. "Knight Class")

Fallen Angel[edit | edit source]

The Fallen Angel (天使級(フォール・エンジェル) Tenshi-kyū, lit. "Angel Class")

List of Known Metaphysicals[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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