Moroha Haimura Edit

Maya was one of the first students whom Moroha met when he entered the Academy and the two quickly became close after Maya became Moroha's dormitory roommate. They appear to care for each other a lot as Maya constantly concerns for Moroha's well-being such as when Moroha traveled to Russia in order to challenge the emperor. Moreover, she was the first one to give Moroha a welcoming hug after he defeated the Dragon in episode 12, surprising the other heroines.

While Maya's relationship with Moroha is comparable to that of a brother and a sister, it is heavily hinted that Maya has romantic feelings for him, to some degree. Interestingly enough, it appears that she is actually aware of both her feelings and her role as a heroine for in one episode, she mentions that she will "soon become a part of Moroha's harem," breaking the fourth wall. It is likely that as she ages, she will become more aware of her feelings and ultimately fight for Moroha along with the other heroines.

Satsuki Ranjo Edit

When she first found Maya would be his new roommate she did not take it well.