Mari Shimon (四門 万里 Shimon Mari) is the captain of the First Years students and also the principal of Akane Academy. Born June 8.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Mari is a blonde-haired women who possesses a well endowed body figure. While seen dressing in a formal business suit, Mari also wears her signature witch hat.

Personality[edit | edit source]

She's shown to be caring person who will protect what she cares about.


Background[edit | edit source]


Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

None of Mari's abilities have been seen yet, but she does appear to be quite knowledgeable, as she was able to easily describe to Moroha on him being an Ancient Dragon, and on the type of magic he had used during his match with Isurugi.

  • Transient Gate (Transportal)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She was born on January 28.



I am homesick indeed, i am homesick indeed.
My hometown, thousands of miles away.
Oh unreachable and, i am out of reach. i am hateful indeed.
Take my feelings and bind the distance between us.

Take this spell and bend the space between us.


我、望郷を訴えたり 我、懐郷を訴えたり
遥か 彼方 千里 彼方 万里、万里、遠き、故郷よ
我、妄執を訴えたり 我、憎悪を訴えたり



Ware, bōkyō o uttae tari Ware, kaikyō o uttae tari
Haruka kanata Chisato kanata banri, banri, tōki, Kokyōyo
Kono te ni todokanu, arishi basho yo
Ware, mōshū o uttae tari ware, zōo o uttae tari

Kono omoi o motte, hedatsu kyori o tsunagi tamae

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