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Episode 1: The Reincarnater Edit

Moroha Haimura, like the other students at Akane Academy, has the memories of a past life. There, he meets two girls, a pink haired girl named Satsuki Ranjou and a purple-haired girl named Shizuno Urushibara. As Moroha delves deeper into his memories, he begins to learn more about his abilities and their past and present lives begin to intertwine.

Episode 2: Imbue My Sword, Magic Flame! Edit

Moroha and Shizuno are recommended to, and join the Strikers, making Satsuki frustrated by her lack of ability and jealous. One weekend, as the two girls are at the shopping mall, a Metaphysical appears and the two sides face off.

Episode 3: The Witch of the Netherworld Edit

Shizuno and Moroha relive their past lives. Two foreigners have an interest in Moroha.

Episode 4: White Knight Assault Edit


Episode 5: We Are the SummerEdit

They go to a beach and encounter some weird obstacles

Episode 6: We Are the Swords of Salvation Edit


Episode 7: The Silver-haired Alien Edit


Episode 8: The Demon Sword and the Holy Sword Edit

In an another "date", Leshya reveals her motive to Moroha while attempting to kill him in the park. Meanwhile, Satsuki and Shizuno are attempting to stop Leshay and Moroha from fighting, only to be stopped by Sophia instead. Can Moroha able to defeat his unexpected foe?

Episode 9: To Siberia Edit

Moroha decides to declare war against Russia to regain Leshya's freedom with AJ of United Kingdom as his company. After defeating Vasilisa's agents and assassins one by one, Moroha and AJ are confronting her elite eight assassins in the woods whose powers are evenly matched. Can't Moroha and AJ capable to defeat the S-Ranked Russian Savior? Or they will become Thunder Empress next victims?

Episode 10: Battle at Yekaterinburg Edit

After Moroha is injured by Vasilisa's thunder strike, AJ had to recover the burned Moroha for a night in a house. Despite the outcome, the journey to find Vasilisa continues as Moroha and his friends are reaching to Yekaterinburg, Vasilisa's residence and turf. This battle could be the Thunder Empress last stand...

Episode 11: The Nightmare From the Previous Life Edit


Episode 12: Beyond Two Lives Edit

Even with the Savior's might and effort, they did little effect against the new threat until Moroha's arrival to save the day. However, it would going to take more than Moroha alone to defeat the creature as he helplessly watching his friends struggle against the incoming threat. Can Moroha manage to prevent tragedy from repeat itself?




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