Katya Eskevna Honda (カティア・エースケヴナ・ホンダ Katea Esukevana Honda) is one of Russian Saviors and also one of Vasilisa's prominent subordinates. Prior Moroha's "invasion" to Russia in order to challenge the Thunder Emperor for Leysha's freedom, Katya was one of eight Saviors to stop Moroha from getting closer to their queen, only to be spared by Moroha and becoming his prominent ally in defeating the queen instead. [1]

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She's a young woman with light brown hair and eyes. She's first seen wearing a red suit.

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  • In the anime, Katya speaks in two different dialects: she speaks in a Kansai-ben Japanese dialect in the original Japanese anime, whilst in the English dub she speaks in Russian dialect.


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