Kamekichi Mannendo (万年堂 亀吉(まんねんどう かめきち) Mannendo Kamekichi?) is a second-year student in Akane Academy and a Rank C member of the Striker Unit.

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Kamekichi has exhibited being almost arrogant, cocky, and selfish more so in front of Moroha during most of their interactions, often using his status as his "senpai" as a starter for it. Kamii often does things to be funny in front of people whether it's making jokes or moonwalking for no reason much to the annoyance of his fellow Strikers who find his antics irritating some even wondering how he became a Striker.

He is also jealous and annoyed with Moroha due to his power and popularity, to where Kamii didn't hesitate to use a Step Two, Dark Art, during lessons into resisting magic when he was supposed to use a Step One in an attempt to burn him, albeit this failed.

Despite all this, Kamii remains true to his status as a savior, never leaving behind his allies in a fight against either metaphysicals or other saviors.

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Further information: Black Magic

As a member of the Striker Unit, Kamekichi is noted to be, in fact, a skilled enough savior among other students. However, overall he is described as being talentless as a Kuroma but was too talented in other areas.

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Further information: Dark Art

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Flare (火炎(フレアー) Kaen?, lit. "Flame"): This is a Step One Dark Art.

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Blaze (猛火(ブレイズ) Mōka?, lit. "Raging Fire"): This is a Step Two Dark Art.

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  • His first name Kamekichi (亀吉) means "Fortune Turtle".
    • His surname Mannendo (万年堂) means "Eternal Temple".
  • Kameikichi is the archetype for a comic relief character.
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