The Holy Sword Salatiga (聖剣サラティガ(せいけん サラティガ) Seiken Saratiga?) of Moroha Haimura after he received his ID Tag as his Origin. This is the holy sword that he used in his past life as Kensei Flaga hailed as the Strongest Swordsman and the Guardian of the Holy Sword.

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Salatiga in the memories of Moroha Haimura has been Kensei Flaga is described as a holy sword with a mirror-like finish as if it were a masterpiece the gods created, as well as being described as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that has been reforged countless times. It has also been shown to be the cross between a katana and longsword, however, for whatever reason after being manifested using his ID Tag, he has described it as looking more like a rather normal sword; this is likely due to him being unable to imagine the original Salatiga.

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Salatiga is shown to be far stronger than that of other swords and weapons, being able to withstand the immense prana of Moroha Haimura in both his current and past life as Kensei Flaga. Though he was unable to manifest the original Salatiga, being limited to just the lesser version that he could imagine, which caused his ID Tag to break on two separate occasions: one time being against Edward Lampard's Ginrei Argusten and after using Ars Magna against Elena Arshavina who was being controlled by Kondrat.

After manifesting the original Salatiga for a short period of time in his fight against Elena, it is described as being an eternal desert able to absorb infinite prana channeled without end, despite being a useful Origin to Shirogane, it would prove useless in the hands of anyone who doesn't possess endless prana. Salatiga can filter prana, then turn it into even greater and purer strength named Ars Magna (神通力(アルス マグナ) Arusu Maguna?, lit. "Shinto Power").

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  • In Volume 6, it was noted that Salatiga has the inscriptions (サラティガ) meaning "Saratiga".
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