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Haruka Momochi (百地 春鹿(ももち はるか) Momochi Haruka) is one of the main characters of Seiken Tsukai no World Break series.


Haruka is a cute petite young woman of average height with cheek-length chestnut brown hair and brown eyes.

She is often seen wearing her school uniform with her black knee socks but is seen dressed in the Striker Unit combat uniform.


Haruka is a tomboyish girl who has confidence in her abilities as a Savior, most notably her speed, which is the fastest amongst all the students. She can be quite competitive often going against Moroha and Satsuki during multiple training and sparring sessions.

However, she can be self-conscious about her appeal as a woman compared to women such as Shizuno, most of the time comparing herself to that of a boy due to previous comments from others. She often disagrees with the replies from Moroha about her appeal, this can also result in her downplaying her own abilities, which she finds useless compared to other combatants.

It has been hinted several times Haruka has a crush on Moroha as a result of him assisting her on multiple occasions, but is unable to express those feelings like the others and often comments about his "girlfriends"



Powers and Abilities []


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In Haruka's introduction, it is implied she is one of the fastest members of the striker units and it is also said that only Moroha Haimura could match her speed.


  • Her name "Haruka" (春鹿) means "Spring Deer".
  • Her surname "Momochi" means "Hundred Earth/Land" (百) (momo) and "" (地) (chi).