Gen Isurugi (石動 厳(いするぎ げん) Isurugi Gen?) is a first-year student in Akane Academy and younger brother of Jin Isurugi. He served as a minor antagonist in the first volume as a bully of Satsuki Ranjou, but was later defeated by Moroha Haimura causing him to remain at home due to fear of him.

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He is very impatient and arrogant, as he demanded the teacher give him the advanced lessons in class. He has shown to be very violent as shown when he bullied Satsuki Ranjou and embarrassed her in front of the class. He also extended this treatment to Moroha Haimura when he noted of the latter's lack of power and was this way when he was overpowering him. However, his arrogance led to his defeat as his relentless attacks caused Moroha to awake his true power and easily defeated Gen.

He does have some respect for those who stick up for others, as shown when he stated this to Moroha after he was confronted by him and the latter demanded he apologizes to Satsuki for his actions.

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