Gen Isurugi is a first-year student in Akane Academy and younger brother of Jin Isurugi. He served as a minor antagonist in the first volume as a bully of Satsuki Ranjou, but was later defeated by Moroha Haimura causing him to remain at home due to fear of him.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Gen is a fifteen-year-old young man with brown hair and eyes with a well-trained body due to his previous training with his older brother, he stands a little bit taller than Moroha.

He was seen dressed in the school uniform and combat uniform.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Aniki, do your best to become an S-Rank… puhahahahahaa!

–Gen's last words to his brother before transferring.

Gen is an impatient, stubborn, and arrogant young man, demanding that teachers to give him advanced lessons, being the exact opposite to his more respectful and dutiful older brother. He is also overconfident in his power as a savior since he received prior training, desiring to show his superiority by defeating Moroha who awakened his seven prana gates similar to himself, wanting to become the strongest in class. Gen and his friends have shown to be violet, excessively bullying other such as Satsuki, embarrassing her in front of the entire class by displaying his superior strength and even tearing about her clothing in front of them. However, his arrogance also led to his defeat as his relentless attacks caused Moroha to awake his true power and easily defeated Gen.

After Moroha defeated him, Gen became fearful of him in the aftermath, becoming more far erratic, unstable, and vindictive to the point of not attending school anymore, striking his father and Taro who both tried helping him and even desiring revenge against Moroha by either defeating him or hurting his loved ones.

He does show respect for those who stand up to him, as noted when Moroha confronted him and demanded that he apologize to Satsuki for his actions. Gen also has some respect for his older brother because of his strength as an A Rank Savior, however, while Gen would put in the effort into becoming stronger, he'd immediately quit if it becomes too hard for him to achieve his goal, even giving up on becoming a savior and transferring schools. He even laughed at others who continues pursuing their goal even if it was impossible, even mocking his brother who was an A Rank Savior pursuing to reach an S Rank.

Background[edit | edit source]

Plot[edit | edit source]

During the fight, Gen initially has the upper-hand and easily thrashes Moroha, laughing at the latter's pain. When Satsuki arrives, he makes a promise to humiliate her again. However, this angers Moroha who after taking a few hits unlocks his full power. Gen is surprised by this especially when Moroha turns the tables on him and defeats him.

Volume 1[edit | edit source]

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Overall, Gen was one of the lone first-year students to open all Seven Prana Gates, albeit Gen trained two-years prior alongside his older brother. He could defeat Satsuki, who unlocked two prana gates on her first attempt and was able to overpower who had unlocked all seven on his first attempt, however, Gen was unable to land a hit on him at first. Gen still lost against Moroha after he realized his second power resulting in him remaining home and not attending training or classes in Akane Academy.

His older brother, Jin Isurugi stated that despite the two years spent training, Gen wasn't even prepared to join the Striker Unit Reserve.

Light Arts[edit | edit source]

Further information: Light Art

Gen is a Shirogane, able to use prana to enhance all his physical abilities to superhuman levels and use various kinds of Light Arts. He had learned Light Arts two years prior and it took him one year to open all the prana gates while being unable to learn advanced Light Arts instead of the basics aside from Taihaku.

Kongoutsu (金剛通(こんごうつう) Kongō-dori, lit. "High Durability"):

Jinsokutsu (神速通(じんそくつう) Shinsoku-dori, lit. "Godspeed"):

Gorikitsu (剛力通(ごうりきつう) Gōriki-dori, lit. Superhuman Strength"):

Taihaku (太白(たいはく) Taihaku, lit. "Venus"):

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His first name Gen (厳) means "Stern/Strict".
    • His surname Isurugi (石動) means "Stone Motion". His full name means "Stern or Strict Stone motion", which could reference him being stubborn to change his manner of thinking and belief. It was proven as despite losing against Moroha, Satsuki, and Moroha again as an Arch Mage, he didn't change his manner of thinking and still belittle others.
  • Since his defeat at the hands of Moroha in Volume 01, Gen started skipping classes to the point of not even coming to school and remains in his room with Taro Tanaka coming to give him lessons.
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