The Fortress is a Fortress-Class Metaphysical, which appeared in the third volume.

Description Edit

At first sight, it was shaped like a scorpion. A pair of pincers and a tail equipped with a needle that looked sinister. It had only four legs, they were slender like a water strider's legs while standing on the sea. Its body was white, round, and facetious like a diving beetle. However, only a portion of its head had a face similar to an expressionless monkey with no neck that made the uncomfortable return multiplied by two.

–Moroha describes the Fortress

Fortress Metaphysical

The Fortress

The Fortress is a metaphysical which had attacked Moroha Haimura, Shizuno Urushibara, Satsuki Ranjou, Maya Shimon, and the Strikers during their summer training camp. Similar to the Nine-Headed Hydra, it appears to be able to understand human language as he seemed to understand them and laughed from each of its heads. It is described as having three ape heads, pincers and a tail that has a needle, four legs able to stride across the ocean.

Both it and its produced soldier bees all fought against Moroha and the Striker Unit, but in the end, Moroha landed the final strike against the Fortress Metaphysical.

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Trivia Edit

  • It was unnamed and just referred to as the Fortress in both the light novel and anime.
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