The 'Field of Dreams' (夢石の面晶体(フィールド・オブ・ドリーム) Yume Ishi no Omo Akira Karada, lit. "Crystallization of Dream Stone") is a Unique Dark Art and Origin of Maya Shimon.

Description[edit | edit source]

The interior of the arena is linked to a pocket dimension created by a unique Ancestral Arts. To describe it simply, the pocket dimension is similar to being in a [Dream World]. We just passed through the boundary, so we have all [slumbered].

–Shizuku explaining Field of Dreams

Maya using her Dream Stone

Field of Dreams is a unique Dark Art, where Maya creates a special barrier able to shift the phase of the material world creating a pocket dimension described as being a Dream World and those inside it are described as being in a slumber. She would normally use her Field of Dreams in Akane Academy as the barrier around their training areas, in which the damage whether severe such as a hole in their stomach can be healed as long as the wounded individual steps outside of the barrier.

Though useful, it takes a long time for Maya to create a Field of Dreams and she carries around a "Dreamstone" with her all the time and "raises it" for an unknown period.

However, if the barrier is expanded outward passed its limit, Field of Dreams cannot negate the damage received; this if first noted during Moroha Haimura's fight against Sir Edward Lampard after covering the entire mountain. If it is destroyed, then the damages will spill in the real world.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Field of Dreams is the only Dark Art that doesn't have an incantation.
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