Leshya's Younger BrotherEdit

Leshya's only sibling whom she cared deeply as she willing to do anything for his sake and future. Unfortunately, her "brother" was actually an illusion which was made by her fellow Russian compatriot Condrat to manipulate her into most of her missions.

Friends and AlliesEdit

Moroha HaimuraEdit

Leshya and Moroha

Leshya and Moroha on their first date.

Leshya's former assassination target and also her current classmate. Leshya was assigned to assassinate Moroha under Vashirisa's order after her supervisor witnessed his capability in defeating a metaphysical during her meeting with her fellow S Ranked Saviors. By getting closer to Moroha, Leshya had made numerous dates with the boy without raising his suspicions. Ironically, at the same time though, Leshya also befriended with her supposed target via her interactions with Moroha despite her mission for her brother's sake. Upon another "date" in the nearby park, Leshya revealed her motives to Moroha and attempted to kill him, only to be defeated by Moroha before her origins was revealed by Shizuno and Condrat. After being freed by Moroha from Condrat's possession, Leshya now views Moroha as her important person in her life.

Shizuno UrushibaraEdit

When Leshya was first introduced herself to the class, Shizuno was immediately suspicious. She stood up and asked her purpose of going to the school, even implying Leshya was here for an assassination. She immediately researched on Leshya, trying to find everything she could. When she discovered that Leshya was a man-eater that was after Moroha, she immediately confronted her about it and they fought.

During the fight between Leshya and Moroha, Shizuno revealed that Leshya's brother did not exist. That fact was only confirmed by Condrat. After Moroha saves her, she has a similar relationship with Lashya as she does with Satsuki, having progressed in to good friends.

Satsuki RanjōEdit

Leshya often argues with Satsuki, especially when the latter calls Moroha, Ani. When they first met, Satsuki immediately disliked her, because Leshya was after Moroha. She often argued with her, usually resulting in her loss, similar to the way she loses to Shizuno. Satsuki is also jealous of Leshya because of her large breast size.

After Moroha saved Leshya, Satsuki and Leshya argued on who would be Moroha's younger sister. Satsuki wanted to be the only younger sister, even saying that Leshya could be Moroha's older sister. However, Leshya rejected the idea, stating she wanted to be the younger sister. These arguments usually lead to competitions between the two, which often go out of hand.


As the champion assassin of Russian Branch of the Saviors, Leshya is a devoted to solely Vashirisa all to ensure her brother's safety and future.

Vashirisa Yurievuna MostvayaEdit



Leshya's fellow Russian compatriot and her informant whose power is to possess a form of either animals (such as cats or crows) or people. Conniving and cunning, Condrat manipulated Leshya via blackmail about her "brother", an illusion which he used in using Leshya in most of the mission.