Elena Arshavina (エレーナ・アルシャヴィナ Erena Arushyavana), also known as Leshya[1], is a transfer student from Russia who was supposedly tasked to eliminate Moroha Haimura under a command from Vasilisa Yuryevna Mostovaya.


Elena is a teenage girl of average height who has short silver hair, darker skin tone and a pair of green/grey eyes with her right eye covered by her left hair bang. Elena is considered to be highly attractive as she possesses a slim body but with a bigger and rounder bust size that is easily comparable to other female students, such as Shizuno and Sophia.


As an assassin from the Russian Branch, Elena was often seen as a cool-headed and calculating person who solely focused on missions in her mind. She is also seen as depressed and semi-suicidal when she is embarrassed. When it came to her imaginary brother, she was willing to do everything in her power to protect him.

In combat, she is calm and level-headed, not letting her anger get the better of her. However, in her battle against her fellow classmate Shizuno Urushibara, she threatened to leave a scar on her face, which showed a sadistic side to her.

Despite this, Leshya later became hesitant to killing anyone who is either related to or friend of Moroha because of the kindness he showed her. Leshya's vulnerability is shown shortly after Condrat's revelation over the truth of her background.

Following her release from Condrat's hold, Elena has befriended Moroha even calling him big brother while arguing with Satsuki Ranjō who has the right to call themselves that. This was most likely her way of hiding her new affections for him as she gets jealous at his closeness with other girls, falling into a brief depression.


Leshya origin

Leshya successfully stabs Edward.

Little is known about Leshya's past except she was an orphan adopted by an unknown person[2] before her acquaintance with her fellow Russian compatriots Condrat and her would-be supervisor, Vasilisa.

At some point, Leshya gains the nickname of "Man-Eater" for her habit of killing other Saviors. In order to save and reunite with her young brother, she serves as an assassin for the Russian Branch and because of her infamous reputation, Leshya became Vailisa's trump card for the Russian Branch. During a mission to "kill" (in order to test his capability) Sir Edward Lampard, Leshya was able to stab him by using flowers to hide her Origin, Leprazam.

Miraculously, Edward survived Leshya's assassination attempt despite his severe injuries though her acts would cause him to recognize her skill.


Elena has proven to be a skilled fighter as she was able to wound Sir Edward Lampard who is one of the Head Six, this is notable since he had been hard opponent for Moroha Haimura who had to awaken another power to defeat him.

  • Immense Speed: As a highly trained assassin, Elena is extremely agile and she mostly focuses her on striking attacks upon her foe.
  • Man-Eater: As the wielder of Magic Sword Leprazam, she can absorb both plana and mana from other Saviors, giving her a huge advantage. This allows her to easily kill her targets.



  • She previously attempted to assassinate Sir Edward Lampard, but failed though gained a fearsome reputation.
  • Her birthday is October 5.
  • She was hypnotized into thinking she had a brother who held hostage but learned the truth from Shizuno Urushibara.
  • she was hypnotized by conrat the servant of the emperor of lighting.


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