Dragon Cane Nargravitz (竜杖ナーグラヴィッツ Ryūtsue Nāguravittsu?) is Shizuno Urushibara's Origin. She used this weapon in her past life as Witch of Netherworld, when she lived with Shu Saura, a past life of Moroha and summons it using her own ID Tag.


The Dragon Cane Nargravitz has the appearance of a long metal staff almost as tall as herself and a unique ice crystal at the pointed end.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Though most of its abilities haven't been revealed, Shizuno has shown to be capable of forming a protective pillar after being stabbed into the ground. The most unique power of this magic staff is that can turn itself into a "golem" in the form of an ice dragon named Nargravitz that is able to defend its owner from harm and attack her enemies depending on the situation using an ice breath.



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