Cocytus (摩訶鉢特摩地獄(コキュートス) Maka hachi toku ma jigoku (kokyūtosu)?) is a level Thirteen Dark Art and one of the forbidden spells. It is one of the Origins of Moroha. It creates a wide range of extremely cold temperature, freezing everything on contact and making everything look like a frozen hell. In Volume 2 of the light novel and Episode 4 of the anime, Moroha used it against Sir Edward Lampard to stop him from moving. Even under Maya's Origin, Field of Dreams, that reduces the effects of spells in the nearby surroundings, it changed the climate in surrounding territory and made it snow for a few days even though it was summer.

Spelling Verse - English

“Enders, ice wolves, lend me your breath. Let your freezing be more silent than death.”

“In this world, even the prosperous inevitably decay. It is inescapable, divinely ordained karma.”

“Just as water flows downward, snatch away all vigor.”

“Show me a World where all has stopped, seemingly even time.”

“Show me an eternal beauty, a zenith that no one in existence can destroy.”

“You who defy my understanding, you who seek only the absolute.”

“What an ugly thing it is.”

“The weirdness of life gathering, writhing, spreading its stench, and multiplying.”

“I do not approve of that. I do not understand it.”

“I desire a land of unsullied white.”

“I desire a beautiful world of death.”

“I desire a world where ignoble creation is buried and bound.”

“I desire for all to stop. I desire for everything to stop!”