What a time-waster. You could have done that from the beginning.

–Charles talking with Moroha

Charles Saint-Germain is a French Savior and among one of the Six Head, making him the French Branch Head.

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Charles has been a described young man in his mid-twenties with short black groomed hair and blue eyes, alongside a long scar on the left side of his face running down his eye. Most of the time, he is dressed in a black suit, necktie, and black leather glove.

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What a time-waster. You could have done that from the beginning.

–Charles talking with Moroha about his desire

He is initially displayed as being a bit of a gloomy person who much like Vasilisa rule over their subordinates using strength and fear. He is also arrogant believing that there was no way that Moroha could be classed as an S-Rank Savior, believing that the evidence that he defeated a nine-headed hydra was a mere forgery, but Charles had begrudgingly acknowledged his skill. Charles has a habit of saying that people are wasting his time whenever he talks to them despite being the most irrational one in the conversation.

Charles is also cruel and incompassionate, choosing to let a metaphysical attack the location where the Strikers were training without the Ando assisting them, even knocking him out despite the danger it could pose the people who were in the area. He can also be stubborn and childish as he continued to attempt to get Moroha to join the French Branch no matter how many times he refused, offering him multiple rewards if he agreed and never taking his refusal as a final answer.

He appears to have no fear or hesitance to stating his desires as shown as he informed Moroha that he desires for saviors to dominate humans.

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Charles is a powerful user of Black Magic who has incredible experience as a savior earning various aliases such as the Paris Saint-Germain, Legitimate Heretic Magician, Magician of the Eiffel Tower, Les rouge et le blue, etcetera. Although he has said that Vasilisa and Moroha have 1.5 times the amount of mana as him, Charles has stated that he is still the Strongest Kuroma in the World.

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Differing from Vasilisa who has the most powerful mana, Moroha has described that he possesses more superior mana control, able to lift objects around him without touching them. As a result of his training and experience over the years, he can use either of the fingers on his left or right hands to write various spells in the air instead of just his index finger. Charles could perform "Black Gehenna" better than Moroha with speed and skill far above his.

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  • His alias as Les rouge et le blue means "Red and Blue Magician".
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