Celestial/Cruel Crusaders is a Step Thirteen Dark Art that is capable of summoning a vast army of lightning creatures that was said to demolish a Dreadnought-Class Metaphysical in mere minutes. It is The Origin of the Lightning Empress, Vasilisa Yuryevna Mostovaya. When Vasilisa sings a song, a lightning giant is summoned, capable of destroying half a mountain in one attack.

Dance dance thunder soldiers

Thunderclap thousandfold invoke

Nothing lives forever an instant a flash indulge in pleasure

Abandon all in the blink of an eye

Regret not belated one tonight is the one in millennial feast

Perish perish perish perish

Scatter to the winds all life souls grow light in liberation

Cast off your weight this soaring sensation

Kill kill kill kill

Impart this lightness this vibrancy this liberty this blessedness to everyone

Oh death how sweet thou art

Perish perish perish perish kill kill kill kill

Tonight is the ones in millennial banquet of carnage

Cruel Crusaders