Black Mage (黒魔(くろま) Kuroma?) is among the two possible powers of Saviors.

Description Edit

Black Magic is utilized by Black Mages among Saviors, which revolves around the manipulation of mana, their mind force and is formed through taking in the natural powers found in their surroundings. Black Mages are able to cast either simple or complex spells by writing glyphs in their air using their fingers while chanting the specific incantation with both the length of it being proportionate to the spell's power and effect as well as their level.

As opposed to White Iron which shows a combat style better suited to "Warrior" Class Saviors, Black Magic are associated with the "Mage" Class Saviors.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike prana, the mana of all Kuroma is black.
  • In the anime, Black Mages would utter the phrase Write before writing the glyphs.
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