Angela Johnson, also known as "AJ" is Edward's personal assistant who would do various tasks for him including carrying out some of his dirty work. She is a highly experienced Savior who is a White Iron type, and dual wields un-named Origin short swords. She is very loyal to him and respects him a lot. She is not an obedient puppet however, and if she judges that something is wrong she can go against Edward's Orders.


Angela is a young woman with long blonde hair and well-endowed figure, she is considered to be attractive by a few. She is often seen wearing a maid uniform most of the time but has been seen wearing a pink blouse and skirt. 

In most of her missions, she was also seen wearing a violet battle suit whenever she is on a battle against her enemies.


As Edward's maid and staff, Angela is a devoted maid who willing to risk her life solely for Edward's sake. Because of her strong devotion to only Edward, Angela refuses to do anyone's bidding other than that of her supervisor. Even when not in battle, Angela is seen as a stern girl whose personality can be tolerated only by Edward, Shizuno and Moroha. Aside from that, Angela is also a ferocious fighter who is not afraid in battling against any opponent she faces.
AJ and Moroha

Power and Ability

  • Mastery of Dual Blades


  • She is the first person to be shown dual wielding.
  • Her birthday is August 2.
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