Angela Johnson also known as "AJ" is Edward Lampard's Right-Hand and Maid who act as his personal assistant who does various tasks for him.

Appearance Edit

Angela is a tall foreign blonde-haired woman with long blonde hair and green eyes described as being attracted by several people. In most situations, she is noted to be dressed in a maid's outfit with a British-styled apron. Aside from that, she is noted to be dressed in a pink business blouse, a purple dress shirt unbuttoned at the top showing off the top portion of her cleavage, stockings, and heels.

While on missions or whenever in combat, Angela was noted to be dressed in a black skintight racing that has red outlines, which give her seductive rounded lines. In her first encounter with Moroha to side her identity, she wore a motorcycle helmet that hid her face.

Personality Edit

As Edward's maid and staff, Angela is a devoted maid who willing to risk her life solely for Edward's sake. Because of her strong devotion to only Edward, Angela refuses to do anyone's bidding other than that of her supervisor.

Even when not in battle, Angela is seen as a stern girl whose personality can be tolerated only by Edward, Shizuno, and Moroha. Aside from that, Angela is also a ferocious fighter who is not afraid of battling against any opponent she faces.

Background Edit

At some point, Angela awakened as a savior and later become the assistant of Edward Lampard, she then would soon become secretly infatuated with him.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Overview Edit

Further information: White Iron

Being a Rank A Shirogane and Right-Hand of Sir Edward Lampard, Angela is a powerful Savior among the White Knight Order.

Swordsmanship Edit

Her preferred method is dual-wielding, which she is noted to be most famous for.

Light Arts Edit

Further information: Light Art

Taisai Edit

Taisai (太歳(たいさい) Dasai?, lit. "Jupiter"): One of the Five Start Techniques, where she infuses a mass of prana in her two blades, releasing a downwards slash releasing a torrent of wind strong enough to mow down everything in her path. It is described to be better compared to Jin Isurugi.

Keikou Edit

Keikou (熒惑(けいこく) Keiwaku?, lit. "Mars"): A Super-Advanced Light Art classified as one of the Five Star Techniques, which transforms one's prana into a phenomenon matching her foundation, in her case, the Blade, letting her slice her opponent using her bare hands.

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Angela" means "messenger of God" in Latin.
  • Angela's surname "Johnson" means "son of John" in English/Scottish.
  • Angela's birthday is August 2.
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