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Andou Suruga (駿河 安東(するが あんどう) Suruga Andō) is the Head of the Japanese Division and one of the two SS-Rank Saviors in the world.


Andou appears to be a young man whose hair is chestnut brown colored and a short figure.


Despite his age, Andou displays an arrogant and often sarcastic personality, even against other members of the Six-Head.



Volume 03[]

Powers and Abilities[]


Prior to the formation of the White Knight Order, Andou was able to defeat a metaphysical using a purifying light, however, unlike most Saviors, he isn't classified as being a Shirogane or Kuroma due to his unique abilities that are different from other saviors. Although he is classified as being Rank SS like Diegua Ma, he isn't as strong as the latter and that even a Rank D Savior could defeat him.


Andou is noted to have the unique power to sense metaphysicals, experiencing pain based around their level of strength, which was enough to class him as a Rank SS.


  • The name Andou means "peace, quiet" (安) (an) and "east" (東) (dou).
  • Andou's surname Suruga means "fast" (駿) (suru) and "river, stream" (河) (ka/ga).


  • Andou is one of the two Saviors that can sense metaphysicals alongside Satsuki Ranjou.