Andō Suruga (駿河安東, Suruga Andō) is the Head of the Japanese Division and one of the Six S-Ranked Saviors that exists in the World. He later joined the others in the promotion of Moroha Haimura to S-Rank.


Andō appears to be a young man whose hair is chestnut brown colored and a short figure.



Powers & Abilities Edit

As an S-Rank Savior, Andō was able to defeat metaphysicals alone and like Edward, do so prior to being an official S-Rank. It is still not known whether he is a White Iron or Black Magic, but Andō is said to be a person able to sense metaphysicals and always seemed to experience pain depending on their level of strength. He also used a purifying light to ease another metaphysial prior to him being an S-Rank.



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