Akane Academy (亜鐘学園(あかね がくえん) lit. "Subbell Academy") is the main setting of the Seiken Tsukai no World Break series.

Background[edit | edit source]

Akane Academy was founded at an institute to teach the Japanese saviors of the White Knight Order's Japanese Branch to combat the Metaphysicals. In this school, the students aren't requires to pay for their tuition due to the importance of instructing saviors who are unable to attend regular schools due to their superhuman and irregular powers.

Four years prior, Mari Shimon, Shiroi Usako, and Akira Shiba had entered their first-year in Akane Academy then became the first-generation of Strikers. During that generation, there were less Rank C saviors than the present generation, but Akira showed incredible power during his first-year as a student most of the time taking the brunt of the assault for his teammates soon become Rank S after defeating a metaphysical alone.

However, during his second-year, for some reason, Akira lost his will to live, but was still forced into fighting as a savior by the adults and current principal who unlike the current principal had no trouble sending their students to the battlefield. This soon resulted in a revolt against the White Knight Order lead by Akira who assembled saviors who shared his mindset including Shiroi, but was soon stopped by the Chinese Branch Head.

At some point, Mari Shimon learning from this experience soon abolished the old system ran by the principal and adults where students were treated as soldiers and instead focused on training them carefully.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Uniforms[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Main School Building[edit | edit source]

Student Hostel[edit | edit source]

Both the male and female students lives in separate hostels, which has westernized modernised designs almost like a high-class hotel. Most if all the rooms are carpeted without the tatami flooring instead a geniune bedding, a high-end laptop, study desk, the furnishing included a wardrobe, LCD flat screen TV, a bookshelf, a small fridge and a folding table

Training Arena[edit | edit source]

For the students of various school years, there are the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Training Arenas, which is a round building with a bowl-shaped interior that has various seats in the areana for viewers. These arenas after surrounded in the Ancestral Art of Maya Shimon.

Teachers and Staff[edit | edit source]

Current Former
Tadanori Urushibara (Chairman) Takenori Urushibara (Former Chairman)
Mari Shimon (Principal) Touya Minoyama (Former Principal)
Taro Tanaka (Teacher)

Students[edit | edit source]

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year
Moroha Haimura Haruka Momochi Jin Isurugi
Satsuki Ranjou Kamekichi Mannendo Tokiko Kanzaki
Shizuno Urushibara Takenaka Hanta Sophia Mertesacker
Gen Isurugi
Elena Arshavina

Striker Unit[edit | edit source]

Striker Unit (実戦部隊(ストライカーズ) Jissen Butai, lit. "Combat Unit") is a group of elite students, which consists of Saviors of a Rank C or higher led by both Jin Isurugi and Tokiko Kanzaki.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

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